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[Bug-gnubg] Analysis error and crash

From: Tom
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Analysis error and crash
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 07:21:36 -0000

Hi guys,

I used to report gnubg bugs, but kind
of fell out of it for a while. Now, I
want to get back into it. :)

First, I have a position and match
with a 1-1 rolled.

Not terribly interesting, but (even on
2 ply) gnubg gives the MWC as 61.88%
(at least ten  percent too low). That
seems rather strange, particularly
given the simplicity of the position.

The other player threw a 5-5 (now at
Now (also on 2-ply) gnubg shows the
MWC as 30.20% (looks about right), but
also shows the roll as +4.415% (also
looks about right), which implies a
MWC close to 75% for the other player
before the roll.

Guess I should give the specifics
here - version 0.14.3 on Gentoo Linux
compiled on an AMD64.

That brings me to my other bug. For
some reason, Gentoo masks the build
(saying it won't even compile on an
AMD64, but I have had no trouble at
all, except for one small thing. When
I try to do a rollout from the right
side of the window (using the 2-D gui
interface), gnubg frequently segfaults.
This does NOT happen if I use the hint
button to pull up the hint window and
do the rolloout from there (but using
the hint window will not update the
analysis on the right side of the
window post-match.

One small feature suggestion, too:
I would like to see the basic stats
(MWC, %w, %wg, %wbg, %l, %lg, and
%lbg) after fanning. Also, I guess
I would like to see the temperature
map for the opponent after fanning,

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


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