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Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Creating Win distrib : random questions

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Réf. : Re: [Bug-gnubg] Creating Win distrib : random questions
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 09:30:06 +0100

>address@hidden wrote:
>> I'm almost done creating a gnubg Win distrib, just a few problems left :
>> 1.
>> I've created a setup.exe that works ok on my laptop and on my office PC,
>> but has a problem on a different laptop : once install is finished,
>> gnubg gives :
>> gnubg.weights: Invalid argument
>Can it be a problem with locale?

I have no clear idea what a locale is :)) but that can be a reason.
The installation I did works fine on 2 PCs with the weights file I have
(seems to be unix format). But it doesn't work on another PC. How do I
check locale differences between these PCs ?

>Which weights file are you using?
>Show us the first few lines.

The gnubg.weights file seems to be in "unix" format : if I open it with
notepad, it has no "new line" chars : everything is on a single line and
there are "non-ascii" chars where (unix) line separators are.
I cannot show it to you as I see it with notepad, because if I copy&paste
it into the mail, Lotus Notes interprets the unix separators correctly
(hence separating the lines) :)). Anyway, the beginning is :

GNU Backgammon 0.15
250 128 5 1   0.1000000   1.0000000

>> 2.
>> How do I create a gnubg.wd from gnubg.weights ? Can I download it ?
>makeweights -f gnubg.wd < gnubg.weights

Seems to work. I'll try at home with my other laptop (the one having
the trouble). I'll check also using unix2dos on gnubg.weights ...

>> BTW, the distrib is almost 20Mb since I've included all the needed dlls
>> the gnubg root dir.
>I see both Dia and Gimp installers exclude GTK-libraries, so the users
>have to download these separately. I find this fine, since you then will
>have only one installation og GTK on your computer.

This assumes that all the GTK apps use the same version of GTK ... given
the price of 10Mb of disk space and today's download speed, I'd definnitely
try to have a distrib as self-contained as possible, putting the needed
dlls in the gnubg dir. Having these dlls around in different places
dir, mingw/bin dir, other dirs on $PATH) is a source of troubles IMO ...

Probably the most annoying thing is that we should provide different
executables : gui/nogui, python/nopython, sse/nosse. It adds up to 8 exes,
4 gui ones (10Mb each, unzipped) and 4 nogui ones (6Mb each, unzipped).

I have a .bat that takes 3 args (gui/nogui, py/nopy, sse/nosse, it prompts
if they are not passed on the cmd line) and then builds according to them.
I have to modify Jon's makefile.w32 and config.h : it's a bit tricky but I
managed to do everything with a single config.h and a single makefile.w32
(beside the makefiles in /lib and /board3d dirs, I had to modify these

I'm also almost done with a new gnubg.iss, but I'd like to separate stuff
like :

1. a base distrib : with all the common files, dirs and dlls, no

2. a nopython nosse distrib (to be installed on top of the base one) :
   2 executables (gui-nopy-nosse.exe and nogui-nopy-nosse.exe)

3. a python nosse distrib (to be installed on top of the base one) :
   2 executables (gui-py-nosse.exe and nogui-py-nosse.exe) and python24.dll

4. a nopython sse distrib (to be installed on top of the base one) :
   2 executables (gui-nopy-sse.exe and nogui-py-nosse.exe)

5. a python sse distrib (to be installed on top of the base one) :
   2 executables (gui-py-sse.exe and nogui-py-sse.exe) and python24.dll

6. an utils distrib : makeweights, bearoffdump, makehyper, makebearoff
   (eventually in 2 flavors, sse and nosse).

User must download 1 and one or more of 2, 3, 4 and 5 (plus 6 if he/she is
a gnubg hacker).

It would be nice to have python on by default (eliminating the 2 nopython
ditribs) , but I have to check if installing a python distrib on a system
without a proper python installation doesn't break things down ...


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