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Re: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Maximum move string

From: Massimiliano . Maini
Subject: Re: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Maximum move string
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 09:45:15 +0200

>Thanks for the replies.  Here's a quick example I've been working on:
>I just need to integrate it into gnubg...  I also need to:
>            1. Highlight the chosen move
>            2. Draw the second line in another colour (dark grey probably)
>            3. Separate the entires with a line/border
>            4. Sort out the MWC display

Looks great !

>If anyone has got any ideas (of what they might like to see in the
>nalysis move list), let me know as it should be easy to add other
>things while I'm working on it.

Well, top would be to have a context menu that allow to customize
what is displayed in the list. Basically something like :

1st line always there
2nd line optional (i.e. show only 1st line), with choice between :
  W/Wg/Wb - L/Lg/Lb (classical)
  Win value - Loss value (as equity or as mwc, depending on mwc
  other stuff

But in "other stuff" I don't see anything apart the take/double/(redouble)/
cash/toogood points and maybe some race stuff (epc, av num of rolls to bear
off). Not sure it's worth the effort, since they would be usefull only in
special situations ... it depends on how hard it is to implement the
"customizable 2nd line" thing.

On the 1st line, since a "cell" now takes two lines, it's harder to
spot the move so it would be ok to put the move on the left, and
reorganize the whole thing as :

  Rank Move             Equity   Diff.    Type
  2    23/23 23/19      +0.010   -0.005   Cubefull 3-ply

Eventually also highlight the move somehow (font color/face, e.g.
bold). Not sure about this, have to see it.

Maybe replace the label "Type" ("Analysis" ?).

If space is a problem I would suggest to squeeze "bar" to "b"
in the moves and "Cubefull"/"Cubeless" ("CFull"/"CLess" or even "CF"/"CL").
Maybe also "3-ply" to "3ply"/"3p" if we really need it.

If it is not (or if it is no longer after the squeeze), maybe the
cubeless equity (or mwc) can be shown on the 1st line. Where ?

1)  Rank Move           CL Equity  CF Equity   Diff.    Type
    2    23/23 23/19    +0.008     +0.010      -0.005   Cubefull 3-ply

2)  Rank Move           Diff.   CF Equity  CL Equity   Type
    2    23/23 23/19    -0.005  +0.010     +0.010      Cubefull 3-ply

3)  Rank Move           Diff.   CF Equity   Type             CL Equity
    2    23/23 23/19    -0.005  +0.010      Cubefull 3-ply   +0.010

I think is misleading (it looks like diff is the difference between the
CF and CL equities), I would go for 2 or 3. Eventually the cubeless equity
can go on the 2nd line (where everyting is cubeless, makes sense) :

  W/Wg/Wb - L/Lg/Lb (CL equity)


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