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[Bug-gnubg] Mac OS 10.4

From: Gabriel White
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Mac OS 10.4
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 00:25:10 -0700

Dear gnubg

Is there any way to make gnubg work on Mac OS 10.4? I am trying to
replace my old crappy pc desktop with a mini running OS 10.4, and
tried my best to follow the instructions for OS 10.3 (since there
weren't any for 10.4 yet, and I was working on the hope that 10.4
would be back-compatible with 10.3 in this regard). The program got as
far as making the little boot-up horn sound and then crashed.

I am used to Windows, so this whole Mac OS environment is still weird
to me, and I'm not really a computer guy on any platform, so if you
can help, please really spell things out for me, or I won't be able to
follow you.


Gabriel White

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