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[Bug-gnubg] Re: [bug #12131] Threading issue with progress bar and menus

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: [bug #12131] Threading issue with progress bar and menus
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 23:39:48 +0200
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| To: Ingo Macherius; address@hidden
|> Subject: Re: [bug #12131] Threading issue with progress bar and
|> menus
|> .... I'm dreaming of a full fuckin' rewrite of the whole user
|> interface.... *sigh*
|> -Øystein

| I don't think that's enough, the engine and the gui are absolutely
| independet. Even the Board2D and 3D are in reality two different
| GUIs. Think of the QT guy, think of bot interfaces, think of web
| clients. Ever checked how the chess guis do it?
| http://www.aarontay.per.sg/Winboard/confusion.html
| What we need is not a gui rewrite but a model-view-controller design
| ... But thats a lot of work and requires engineering along with
| coding. Out of reach, probably. *sigh*

Yes! Yes! Yes! You understand the problem. Everyday I'm thinking of a
user interface rewrite. I do.

As you may know, I have compiled GNU Backgammon as a DLL/shared object
many times. I know which functions I need to have a standalone
evaluation engine. I know which functions I need.

I've sometimes thought that it's best to just extract this evaluation
functions and build up a whole new interface around it.

(I've also been in contact with Harald Wittman, the author of loner and
mloner, and we've been thinking of making a common API for evaluation of
backgammon positions. However, this is difficult as well.)

MVC design... It's a fuckin' lot of work, but I believe it will be
better for the project.

First of all: Do we want it? Is it so painful working with what we got,
that we really want to start off something this big?

Then: How do we do it? Do we abandon GNU Backgammon and start a new
project? QtBackgammon and GTKBackgammon and maybe WinBackgammon. Or do
we just branch off a branch in the cvs. Something else?

This is just thoughts. Please state your opinions.

- -Øystein

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