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[Bug-gnubg] Wrong move in external interface

From: amarganth
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Wrong move in external interface
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 07:54:27 +0100

Hi all

I compared both "boards": the one of Joachim, the other from Jim:


The difference is field number 38 (beginning by 0), which is "1" in the
first, "0" in the second board structure.
Field 38 is "may double" of player 0. The "was doubled" flag is number 40.

I cannot understand, what gives back another move, if that "may double" flag
is other. It's not a doubling situation. And it's crawford (1-away, 2-away).

So, I think, there's a bug in the external interface. Is the parsing of the
board inside gnubg-no-gui external really correct?


B.t.w. If there would be a possibility to get *a list of possible moves*
with their equities, not only *the best* move, it would be possible also for
Carsten Wenderdel's TutorBot to use the external interface instead of
parsing the gnubg-no-gui stdout. 

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