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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Compiling on Cygwin for GUI, works with small patch

From: macherius
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Compiling on Cygwin for GUI, works with small patch
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 02:26:02 +0100

First of all: thanks for the report, it's the first one from a Unix system
and the first one on the new file dialogs :)

> FYI, on FreeBSD (gtk 2.4.14) they mostly work, but there are 
> some small 
> problems :
> - in File|Save, the choices are Cancel and Open ; the latter 
> looks weird, 
> OK (like in the old dialog) would make more sense.

I find it weird as well, but that's really the GTK 2.6.2 default text -- in
spite of the fact that a flag enables GTK to determine whether it is a load
or a save dialog. The button will need to be be changed manually after
dialog creation. Not all nice but also no problem.
> - in File|Import (but not File|Load), there is a failed 
> assertion  in the 
> gtk code (but the import works anyway) :
> (gnubg:607): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkfilesystemunix.c: line 793 
> (gtk_file_system_unix_get_parent): assertion `g_path_is_absolute 
> (filename)' failed

No idea on this one, but it really seems the filenames need further
investigation. A first idea is that it's a Unicode thing, AFAIK GTK 2.6.2
uses UTF8 for filenames. Is gnubg Unicode-clean, and if so which encoding
does it use for Strings passed to routines?

> - in File|Import and File|Load, directory names containing 
> /home/pm/bg/jf/Adv-bg/High: No such file or directory
> - in  File|Save, directory names containing blanks fail 
> .sgf file in a file named /home/pm/bg/jf/Adv-bg/High

I do not mangle any path myself, but leave all to GTK and gnubg's standard
file naming routines. At least I thought so. But I've checked with Windows
and GTK 2.6.2 and true, it has the same problem with " " in file names. I
don't think this is a 2.4 problem, but a problem in my code. Hmmm!!!

So if a release with 2.6.2 should be packaged, please DISABLE the file
requesters for now (by putting a "0 && ..." into the #ifdef in GtkFileSelect
in gtkgame.c). I've some done more code meanwhile and knew there were
glitches in the CVS version. However, no show stoppers. But this " " issue
makes it absolutely inevitable to disable new file dialogs for releases.


P.S. I'll be traveling the next week and not be able to work on a fix or
even be responsive.

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