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[Bug-gnubg] More 2.6 patches and a (maybe) a small speedup to neuralnet.

From: macherius
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] More 2.6 patches and a (maybe) a small speedup to neuralnet.c
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 21:50:59 +0100


please find attached another patch towards better 2.6 conformance. Here is
what it does:

1. Invisible EventBoxes

Made all EventBoxes invisible, by this removing dark grey artifacts in the
display. You can easily spot them e.g. in the "Settings->Options" dialog.
With the patch, the artifacts are gone.
Note: This was introduced in 2.4.0, so I used #if GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2,4,0)
rather than #if HAVE_GTK2 for a reason.

2. Corrected cast Macro for Progress bar

Small glitch in Oysteins Progress bar patch, with a cast macro. Replaced
GTK_PROGRESS(...) with GTK_PROGRESS_BAR(...) in the 2.x branch.

3. Test balloon: Combobox vs. MenuChooser

I've replace one MenuChooser (deprecated) with a ComboBox to study effort
and effect. It's the one in "Settings->Options->Tutor->Warning". Result:
Looks a bit different, otherwise no big advantage. I had hoped the unusual
drop-down behaviour would change, but it does not. Seems ComboBox has some
issues as well, and a look into the Gtk Bugzilla confirms it (use keyword
"ComboBox"). Nevertheless, there is hope that ComboBox get's bugfixes while
I doubt MenuChooser will.
Note: Again this is a 2.4 extension, so I've flagged it with #if
GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2,4,0). I abstained from using 2.6 methods to keep it
working for the major Linux distributions, which ship with 2.4.

4. Blast support changed from runtime to compile time

As discussed in earlier mail, I've removed an unconditional branch in
neuralnet.c. Blast support is now detected and activated at compile time
only, hopefully saving a tiny amount of runtime CPU. Otherwise the control
flow is absolutely unchanged. And while I was in that file, I made some #if
to kill unused code, namely NeuralNetCreateDirect is nowonly compild in if
MMAP support is actually there and the Blast variants are only compiled it
LIBATLAS support is there. Reduces code size without any cost.


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