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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Changes for gtk 2.6

From: macherius
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Changes for gtk 2.6
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 15:59:52 +0100

I can confirm that the quality is good again, it now builds from CVS. Thanks
a lot for taking up that suggestion. The binary is also good, in fact I
replaced my "production" gnubg with it.

So what would a 2.6 release be? Another "14.3-dev", or is GTK 2.6 reason
enough to justify a version increase such as "0.14.4" or even "0.15" ? When
the 2.6 features are actually used by the GUI code it is forseeable that the
GUI will change quite a bit in the forseeable future. As this is very user
visible, a new version is justified in my opinion.

My suggestion is to fork here, buiding a final 0.14.3 release with all
non-gui patches that are there. That could be released along with a GTK 2.6
version which is declared beta. Because even the non-modified GUI is better
with 2.6 than it was with 1.3. 


P.S. I have absolutely no idea how releases are normally done for gnubg, so
this is maybe naive.

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> Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Changes for gtk 2.6
> In a recent flurry of activity, I've checked in the patches from Ingo 
> and Philippe.  I've also fixed the major problems with gtk 2.6.
> There's still a few outstanding things but I think the code is good 
> enough for a windows 2.6 build (nudge-nudge Øystein :-).
> Jon
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