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RE: [Bug-gnubg] Building gnubg on windows - A newbies voyage

From: macherius
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnubg] Building gnubg on windows - A newbies voyage
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:54:26 +0100

> | It does look good, there are lots of problems with gtk 1.3 
> so it would 
> | be good if we could more on to 2.6.
> Agree! It looks really good.

Glad you like it, so do I.
> | There were some problems when gtk 2.2 was tried, I think the main 
> | issue was that it was quite a bit slower in some areas.
> I remember that it was the rollout that was really slowed 
> down with GTK-2.2. Can you test whenever the rollout feature 
> is considerable slower with GTK-2.6 compared to GTK-1.3 builds?

The rollout window is not slow, but flickers sigificantly. Maybe it could
use the same fix the match list window recently had? Check out yourself, if
the 18.5 MB download size is too much I could remove a number of files
included for "out of the box" runs. You have most of the 18.5 MB on your
disk already.
> If it's not any slower we'll ditch the antique gtk immediately.

Pole pole. GTK 2.6 for Windows is still "release candidate" and there were
some real bugs in combination with gnubg, see the first mail. Finally, the
packaging needs to be improved, e.g. the gtkrc. These are not show stoppers
at all, but a lot of small issues needed to be solved.

Best Regards,
Ingo Macherius

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