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[Bug-gnubg] Proposed patches to the gnubg sources

From: macherius
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Proposed patches to the gnubg sources
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:28:09 +0100

Hello gnubg maintainers,

I have been playing around with the gnubg sources using Windows and Visual
Studio 7.1. I managed to compile both the GUI and the no-gui version using
recent libs. No gcc-mingw was involved, only VC++ was used. In separate mail
I'll describe that experiment.

While working with the sources minor changes occured. I would be glad if you
found them worthy of being submitted into the CVS, and I loved the idea to
be able to compile unmodified CVS sources in my compile environment. Most of
the changes involve compiler problems and warnings. 

However, there also is a proposed fix for the "external" command w/r to
correct the parsing of fibs names. Finally, there is a minor extension of
the Python "cfevaluate" command.

To apply the patch, change to the gnubg source directory and issue patch -p1
-f ../gnubg.patch Adding the "--dry-run" option checks without doing any
real change.

I recreated the "external" grammar files using flex and bison, but did not
include the changes in the diff to avoid noise. Please find attached the
generated files.

Some of the changes were already submitted as bug #11689 to the gnubg bug
tracker. If you adopt the patch, this "bug" is resolved. Please also find
attached a brief description of what was changed and why. The patch was
created against the CVS sources as of today, January 31st 2005.

Best Regards,
Ingo Macherius

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