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[Bug-gnubg] Early bird gets the worm, WiMax, subpenny tomorrow

From: pinksheetprophet
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Early bird gets the worm, WiMax, subpenny tomorrow
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:50:28 +0300

SubPenny!!! and a WiMax.  We love this combination...
Bringing Wireless Broadband Internet to the World
Ride the WiMAX wave now-or miss it
Stock Radar Presents,
WebSky, Inc.

The WiMAX bandwagon is rolling and this could be your LAST CHANCE to find a 
bargain-price in this sector.
So-listen up.
We have one for you to watch right now and its a subpenny!

As I'm sure you know,
WiMAX does for the last mile of broadband what Wi-Fi has done for the last 100 
feet of networking:
drop the price to the point at which it becomes a MUST-HAVE for the mass market.
FIVE BILLION people is the market.

WebSky's business model involves providing wireless broadband internet service 
to underserved domestic and international markets. (Brilliant in our opinion)

WBSK currently controls licensed radio frequencies in the highly sought after 
MMDS-band . 2.5GHz to 2.7GHz in seven small and medium sized cities in the 
United States, this frequency range will be used for wireless broadband 

Guess what?  Read this.....

WebSky, Inc. and World Wide Wireless -- India -- Enter into Definitive Joint 
Venture Agreement for Broadband Wireless Internet Project in India

The joint venture anticipates the launch of its first operations in India 
during the second quarter of 2005. WebSky India projects, based on modest 
market penetration assumptions along with continuing robust growth of the 
Internet in India, that annual revenues for the three initial locations in the 
third year of operations will exceed $U.S. 45 million. (Partial clip only. This 
is major news for WBSK so you need to read it now.) Go to yahoo financial for 
the complete news.

Congratulations to all who participated in our first two picks of the year, 
nearly a double on the first one and the second gained over 120% Tue. Jan. 
18th. and still going strong. WBSK is our third pick for the new year.
we are on a huge winning streak right now, so put WBSK on your radar's right 
now and start the WATCH immediately.
This company may prove to be our best pick yet!  You never know..... Keep an 
eye out for more great news....

So keep an eye tomorrow on WBSK and get in to ride the tsunami! Get in early 
while you can!

d i s c l a i m e r ; http://www.stock-notification.com/100percent

are you not interested ? if so, go ahead and send
up a blank email at address@hidden

snail mail us
Kings ton ten ; street 2
6 east ftute ; street
jamacia ; city
WI ; state
e-Broadcast$Group ; name

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