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Re: [bug-gnubatch] gbch-xr castrates job title when using queue names

From: John M Collins
Subject: Re: [bug-gnubatch] gbch-xr castrates job title when using queue names
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 23:22:03 +0100

On Tue, 2010-08-31 at 20:18 +0200, Jan Schampera wrote:

gbch-xr castrates the job title when you use a queue name. The queue 
name is prepended with a ':', and the job title's first character is cut 

I tracked it down to src/xbq_jcall.c cb_jqueue().

I checked the functionality of gbch-xr after patching, but i DID NOT 
check if it affects some other GTK component.

See attached file.

Jan "TheBonsai"
differences between files attachment (xbq_jcall_jobtitle.diff)
--- gnubatch.orig/src/gtk/xbq_jcall.c	2010-08-26 19:25:03.907701912 +0200
+++ gnubatch/src/gtk/xbq_jcall.c	2010-08-31 20:07:36.211702630 +0200
@@ -351,7 +351,7 @@
 			unsigned  tlng = strlen(cp) + strlen(cj->jobqueue) + 2;
 			if  (!(ntit = malloc(tlng)))
-			sprintf(ntit, "%s:%s", cj->jobqueue, cp+1);
+			sprintf(ntit, "%s:%s", cj->jobqueue, cp);
 			ntit = stracpy(cp);

Thanks I'm just doing some updates at the moment to cope with something someone else wanted (they wanted the user permissions file to be "default + exceptions" instead of at present as some environments want to run jobs which don't have any particular user files) and I'll make sure that goes in.

I have also "silently" put in an option to the "gbch-cjlist" program to let jobs sit in one file rather than a command file and a job file and was thinking of making that an option - probably a standard one - to gbch-xr and the "unqueue" option of gbch-xq. Thoughts/comments welcome. In the next version of GNUbatch which I'm planning to resume in about a month it does that by default.

gbch-xr is a rewrite of the Motif program which I was working with before in the Motif directory but I couldn't use that on GNU stuff (you have to in the cases of things like AIX and Solaris which don't have GTK) so things are a bit flung together.

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