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wcscoordsys to eq-j2000 does not work

From: Alejandro Serrano Borlaff
Subject: wcscoordsys to eq-j2000 does not work
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2022 11:32:47 -0800


I am trying to transform the coordinate system of a WCS from B1950 to J2000 using Gnuastro 0.19, wcslib 7.12. The original fits file is attached. When I run the following command:

astfits -h1 NGC6946_scaled.fits --wcscoordsys=eq-j2000 

The new fits file (NGC6946_scaled-eq-j2000.fits, also attached) contains the same header, without any changes. ec-j2000 works, so I guess that the installation is ok, but that is not the system I need. I am doing something wrong?
Thank you,


Ex Luna, scientia

Alejandro S. Borlaff, PhD  -  NASA Postdoctoral Fellow
NASA Ames Research Center, N245-6, Moffett Field, California (94035) USA               

Webpage :  https://borlaff.github.io/
GitHub: https://github.com/Borlaff
Twitter: @asborlaff

Attachment: NGC6946_scaled.fits
Description: image/fits

Attachment: NGC6946_scaled-ec-j2000.fits
Description: image/fits

Attachment: NGC6946_scaled-eq-j2000.fits
Description: image/fits

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