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[bug-gnuastro] make gnuastro crashes

From: Christopher Willmer
Subject: [bug-gnuastro] make gnuastro crashes
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 05:39:52 -0700
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Hello Mohammad,

I am trying to install gnuastro on a CENTOS 6 machine:

address@hidden:/home/cnaw% uname -r

and make crashes when compiling "arithmetic", with this message:
/home/cnaw/gnuastro-0.2/lib/.libs/libgnuastro.so: undefined reference to

I searched for instances of fffree and in the lib subdirectory it can be
found in an object file:

address@hidden:/home/cnaw/gnuastro-0.2/lib% grep fffree *
Binary file fits.o matches
grep: gnuastro: Is a directory

Just to make sure I had no conflicts with the versions of GSL and CFITSIO I
have running on the system, I installed these in my home directory, but
make still crashes at the same place. I am attaching a file detailing how
I installed the software. LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to the home directory

address@hidden:/home/cnaw/gnuastro-0.2% pe LD_LIBRARY_PATH

and seems to be working when looking at the output of the make file (also
shown in the attached file)

Any idea of what could be going wrong ?

Many thanks !


Christopher Willmer
Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
933 North Cherry Avenue, Tucson AZ, 85721, USA
(520) 626-0805

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