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[sharutils] Does not compile with -fno-common

From: Christian Voegl
Subject: [sharutils] Does not compile with -fno-common
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 19:47:15 +0100
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Trying to build sharutils 4.15.2 with  -fno-common fails with

   [   30s]
   shar-opts.o:(.data.rel.ro.local+0x0): multiple definition of
   `program_name'; shar.o:(.rodata+0x10): first defined here
   [   30s]
   ../lib/libgnu.a(md5.o): in function `md5_stream':
   [   30s] md5.c:(.text+0x15d): multiple definition of `md5_stream';
   shar.o:shar.c:(.text+0x28): first defined here

As -fno-common is going to be the default, I think this should be fixed.

Kind regards,

Christian Vögl

Christian Vögl <address@hidden>
Working Student

SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH
Maxfeldstr. 5
90409 Nürnberg
(HRB 247165, AG München)
Geschäftsführer: Felix Imendörffer

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