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[Bug-gnu-radius] Some patches for gnu-radius 1.1

From: Maurice Makaay
Subject: [Bug-gnu-radius] Some patches for gnu-radius 1.1
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 22:48:31 +0100

Dear readers,

Let's first introduce myself, since this is my first posting to this
mailinglist. I am Maurice Makaay and I am working as an internet
applications developer for InterNLnet B.V. We are a medium-large 
Internet Service provider in the Netherlands, providing access, e-mail
and hosting services to our customers.

I just uploaded some patches to the gnu-radius Savannah site
(http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/radius). I would like to add a 
few comments to them here. These patches are:

2165 Extra Auth-Type "Crypt-Unix" for unix crypt() password check 
2166 Extra builtin rewrite function: tolower(string) 
2167 Do not log the Fall-Through attribute in detail.auth 
2168 conf "system-accounting yes|no" (to en-/disable utmp/wtmp) 
2169 Send authentication reject in case of a malformed user 
2170 Tunnel-Password attribute encryption (RFC2868 par. 3.5) 

I'll send separate messages for the comments on these patches to make 
replying easier and more structurized.

With kind regards,

Maurice Makaay
InterNLnet B.V.
The Netherlands

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