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PSPP-BUG: pspp import and a few other things

From: Neil Hollow
Subject: PSPP-BUG: pspp import and a few other things
Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 16:56:49 +0100

Generally delighted with this software but 0.79 imported a data file
that I was sent to check fine.  The version was not entirely stable so
I added repo and upgraded to 0.82.  The same file is not entirely
imported now some data is missing for some variables although it says
none is.  I cannot install 0.83 since I have a glibc2 dependency

There are some features that would be nice.  I cannot see normality
testing in .82 also it would be good to be able to export the sheet in
oocalc or gnumeric format.  I don't know whether this is a bug or
feature but the results come to only two decimal places.  In the GUI
version there is no way of changing this.  So is p=0.00 p=0.001, no
way of telling?  I checked the results on some test using examples
from this page and they were fine

Ta Dr Neil Hollow

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