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Re: [bug-gnu-libiconv] Including libiconv in another package

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: [bug-gnu-libiconv] Including libiconv in another package
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 20:23:53 +0200

On Sun, 26 Feb 2023 at 19:01, Bruno Haible <bruno@clisp.org> wrote:

Less immediate and easy to find out: If you want to include the statically
built libiconv.a in a shared library librecode.so, you need to pass a
particular option in CFLAGS. With GCC or clang it's '-fPIC', with some
other compilers it's '-KPIC'; you need the $lt_cv_prog_compiler_pic
variable from the libtool configuration here.

Thanks, I'd got as far as -fPIC, but not the cross-platform version.

That will be something worth noting in the NOTES file, once you have verified
that my hint works.

Actually, I only needed to build with -fPIC when using ASAN (without it I got a link failure). What's the symptom I should get in normal use?


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