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bug#44909: Hyperlinks gone for first story of two-storied *Help* buffers

From: 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
Subject: bug#44909: Hyperlinks gone for first story of two-storied *Help* buffers
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 03:13:54 +0800

Look at this weird *Help* screen,

PNG image

Note the four non-hyperlinked items?

> How did you get that, Jacobson?
> I can't get such a two-storied *Help* buffer with either C-h f nor C-h v.
> Are you taking the wrong prescption drugs?

It's a long story:
$ emacs -Q
 C-h f                  ;; describe-function
 s                      ;; self-insert-command
 o                      ;; self-insert-command
 -                      ;; self-insert-command
 l                      ;; self-insert-command
 o                      ;; self-insert-command
 n                      ;; self-insert-command
 g                      ;; self-insert-command
 <return>               ;; minibuffer-complete-and-exit
 C-x o                  ;; other-window
 <tab>                  ;; forward-button
 <tab>                  ;; forward-button
 <return>               ;; push-button
 C-x 1                  ;; delete-other-windows
 C-h l                  ;; view-lossage

Yes, the cursor was on top of
when I did push-button.

Because global-so-long-mode is both a function and a variable, I get the
two-storied *Help* window.

But whoever invented two-storied *Help* windows didn't make sure all the
hyperlinks are hyperlinked.

Sure they are when you do
(describe-function 'global-so-long-mode)
(describe-variable 'global-so-long-mode)
individually. But not when you do them "both at the same time" via the

emacs-version "27.1"

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