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bug#43260: 28.0.50; package-installed-p returns nil for tablegen-mode (n

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: bug#43260: 28.0.50; package-installed-p returns nil for tablegen-mode (not published in melpa) which is installed via quelpa
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 19:52:45 -0500

Condy Chen <condy0919@gmail.com> writes:

>> It seems like this bug was fixed in quelpa: 
>> httpss://github.com/quelpa/quelpa/issues/205
> Yes, and it's confirmed.
>> Do you still think there is a bug in Emacs?  If yes, could you please
>> provide a recipe to reproduce it that does not involve installing any
>> third-party packages?  Otherwise, can we close this bug?
> I suspect it a bug in Emacs, it returns different value for two
> packages installed by quelpa. But I can't fingure out how to reproduce
> it without installation 3rd packages.

I've been trying to understand what the issue is, but I can't figure out
what it is from studying the quelpa bug fix and related discussion.

> Maybe we can close it now and reopen it when someone has similar
> issue.

Sounds good to me.  Perhaps it doesn't matter if this is anyways already
fixed in quelpa; it seems to be working fine for package.el.  I'm
therefore closing this bug report.

If anyone can explain what the actual bug would be in Emacs, please
reopen the bug or open a new one.  Thanks.

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