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bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks using hard disk all time

From: Carlos O'Donell
Subject: bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks using hard disk all time
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 15:51:16 -0500
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On 11/25/20 2:17 PM, Trevor Bentley wrote:
> Carlos O'Donell <carlos@redhat.com> writes:
>> On 11/25/20 1:51 PM, Trevor Bentley wrote:
>>> I also still hit it while running under Valgrind; the whole emacs session 
>>> was slow as hell, but still managed to blow out its heap in a few days.  Of 
>>> course, libmtrace could be different, but at least it doesn't seem to be a 
>>> heisenbug. 
>> Do you have a valgrind report to share? 
> Yes, they were earlier in this bug report, perhaps before you joined.  It was 
> the 'massif' heap tracing tool from the valgrind suite, not the regular 
> valgrind leak detector.
> Here are the links again:
>  The raw massif output:
>  http://trevorbentley.com/massif.out.3364630
>  The *full* tree output:
>  http://trevorbentley.com/ms_print.3364630.txt
>  The tree output showing only entries above 10% usage:
>  http://trevorbentley.com/ms_print.thresh10.3364630.txt

This data is pretty clear:

 1.40GiB - lisp_align_malloc (alloc.c:1195)
 1.40GiB - lmalloc (alloc.c:1359)
 0.65GiB - lrealloc (alloc.c:1374)
 0.24GiB - AcquireAlignedMemory (/usr/lib/libMagickCore-7.Q16HDRI.so.7.0.0)
 3.60Gib - In use as of the snapshot.

That's a fairly high fraction of the ~4.2GiB that is eventually in use.

With lisp_align_malloc, lmalloc, and lrealloc shooting up exponentially at the 
end of the run look like they are making lists and processing numbers and other 

This is a direct expression of something increasing demand for memory.

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