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bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks using hard disk all time

From: Carlos O'Donell
Subject: bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks using hard disk all time
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 15:04:33 -0500
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On 11/23/20 2:34 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 21:58:28 +0300
>> From: Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support>
>> Cc: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org>, fweimer@redhat.com,
>>   43389@debbugs.gnu.org, dj@redhat.com, michael_heerdegen@web.de,
>>   trevor@trevorbentley.com
>>> Sorry, please drop MTRACE_CTL_VERBOSE=1, as it adds output to stdout
>>> which may affect the process if using pipes.
>> MTRACE_CTL_FILE=/home/data1/protected/tmp/mtraceEMACS.mtr 
>> LD_PRELOAD=/home/data1/protected/Programming/git/glibc-malloc-trace-utils/libmtrace.so
>>  emacs >> $DEBUG 2>&1
> Any reason you redirect stderr to stdout?  I'm not saying that is the
> reason for the EWW problems, but just to be sure, can you try without
> that?  The trace goes to stderr, right?  So just "2> file" should be
> sufficient to collect the trace.  Carlos, am I right?
No, the trace goes to the trace file specified by MTRACT_CTL_FILE.

By default the tracer is as minimally intrusive as possible.


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