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bug#42824: 26.3; Feature request: implement 'smooth scroll' in djvu.el p

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: bug#42824: 26.3; Feature request: implement 'smooth scroll' in djvu.el package
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 15:18:45 -0600

On Sat Nov 7 2020 dalanicolai wrote:
> I do not fully understand what you are referring to with 'more
> complete and consistent, but  the functions I've sent in the
> request are really small, only 5 lines, and I think they implement
> the essence of doc-view its scrolling feature. It was really meant
> as just a small extra convenient addition to solve the small, but
> inconvenient problem, as explained in the original request.

I have updated djvu.el on GNU Elpa, please take a look.
I implemented commands for scrolling for the `Read' buffer both in
regular (text) mode and image minor mode.  Also, I adopted the
keybindings from doc-view and added a user option djvu-continuous
similar to doc-view-continuous.  So likely you may want to customize

Please, let me know if this works for you, then I can close this bug

> Well, in the djvu2.el package, I use the info in the annotation
> buffer to draw the annotations (using imagemagick its convert
> command). Of course as just a plain reader (without annotation
> features), doc-view is already a fine reader for djvu documents.

You do not need imagemagick convert for this.  For the ppm images
used by djvu.el, emacs can do that, too, see `djvu-image-rect'.
Maybe I'll do that one day.

However, adding just the color of the annotations I find less
important than also displaying tooltips.  These tooltips are
displayed in the regular text mode of the Read buffers.  I do not
know how to generate tooltips based on the pixel coordinates of the
mouse pointer over an image.

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