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bug#44528: New bidi problems with outline-mode (Arabic, Hebrew,..)

From: Fr Ml
Subject: bug#44528: New bidi problems with outline-mode (Arabic, Hebrew,..)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 08:14:30 +0100
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in the INSTALL instruction of Emacs we read:
(On GNU and Unix systems, Emacs needs the optional libraries "m17n-db",
"libm17n-flt", "libotf" to correctly display such complex scripts as
Indic and Khmer, and also for scripts that require Arabic shaping
support (Arabic and Farsi).)

But I noticed that libm17n-flt isn't installed and it's not a package in the repository of Archlinux . I didn't need to install it before.

Can it be the problem? Or is it included in the other packages (m17n-db, libotf)?

Should I install it from here:



On 11/9/20 7:24 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
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From: Fr Ml <fr_ml@t-online.de>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2020 18:34:07 +0100
Thanks for the answer. Good news  that one problem is solved.

I didn't mention details because I assumed that's the same problem and it wasn't my main question there. I
chose the reproducable proble. 

But now some details:
- I don't use ivy or ido
- The problem happens after "some time" of working with Emacs, usually not directly after starting Emacs.   
  Example : the 3 attached pictures are of the same text file (not org or outline), but with different text sizes. I
have just the Arabic word العربية in it. And I'm using a monospaced Font: Dejavu Sans Mono.
  In 'text8correct.png' everything is fine, "text size": +8 word , if I decrease to +7, the shape is not correct the
glyphs are too dense. It remains incorrect until the size +5. At +4 it becomes correct again.
  But if I open the same file with a new Emacs process I don't have any problem!
I can only hope this is due to the same problem as was fixed in
bug#44521.  If not, let's hope someone will come up with a
reproducible recipe in the future.

Also what happens:
- Sometimes the letters don't have the correct form: a middle form for an ending letter 
- Sometimes the letters are disconnected as in bug#44521.
I attach below the images you sent, so that they are stored with the

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