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bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: bug#43389: 28.0.50; Emacs memory leaks
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 09:22:20 +0100
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On Nov 10 2020, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>> From: Michael Heerdegen <michael_heerdegen@web.de>
>> Cc: 43389@debbugs.gnu.org,  Russell Adams <RLAdams@AdamsInfoServ.Com>
>> Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 22:51:10 +0100
>> Michael Heerdegen <michael_heerdegen@web.de> writes:
>> > I found this line in pmap output:
>> >
>> > 0000557322314000 6257824K rw---   [ anon ]
>> I guess that's the heap again.
> Yes, the heap.  So it more and more looks like this is the result of
> glibc not releasing memory to the system, which with some usage
> patterns causes the memory footprint grow to ludicrous size.

The heap can only shrink if you free memory at the end of it, so there
is nothing wrong here.

You can call malloc_info (0, stdout) to see the state of the heap.


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