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bug#44522: 28.0.50; enhancement proposal for eww to provide finely grain

From: Jean Louis
Subject: bug#44522: 28.0.50; enhancement proposal for eww to provide finely grained back links
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 21:17:11 +0300

I would like to propose relatively simple function for `eww' that it
becomes possible to obtain finely grained reference to HTML link.


`w' key is already obtaining the document or link reference, which is
good in itself.

I am proposing that new function is implemented that allows to obtain

- to specific line number of HTML document on Internet

- to specific search inside of HTML document on Internet

- additionally it should include local file search to HTML document
  viewable by EWW

I am using this below function to view HTML files straight from Dired
for local files:

(defun eww-dired (&optional file prefix)
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((shr-inhibit-images t)
        (file (or (car (dired-get-marked-files)) file)))
    (if current-prefix-arg
        (setq shr-inhibit-images t))
    (eww-open-file file)))

but that does not allow going to specific line or search in HTML

The function if possible, should be bookmarkable by Emacs bookmark
system. I have tried this below on eww buffer on WWW HTML file:

‘C-x r m <RET>’
     Set the bookmark for the visited file, at point.

And it did not work. It would be best if this works at least for "at
point" solution.

Best would be if user can decide:

- to link to line number in HTML (WWW or local file)

- to link to specific search by marking region and obtaining bookmark

- to link to annotated specific search by marking region, annotating
  the HTML part of the file and obtaining bookmark

Jean Louis
⎔ λ 🄯 𝍄 𝌡 𝌚

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