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bug#44023: dired-allow-duplicate-buffers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#44023: dired-allow-duplicate-buffers
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 08:50:01 -0500
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>> I don't see this as a question of "choice vs no-choice" but a question
>> is: should this be decided globally over the whole Emacs session,
> Yes, yes.
>> or should it be decided one a case-by-case basis
> If you mean buffer-by-buffer, no, no, no. Think of how tedious that
> would be to need to manually set that for each navigation. Once a person
> sets a preference, it should become the default until changed.

That's the point I was asking: is it a user-preference, so the users
will either always want one or always want the other, or is it
a behavior that users will want in some cases and will not want in other
cases.  E.g. imagine users that use both "plain dired" sometimes and
diredc at other times: would they want to allow "duplicate dired" when
using "plain dired", or is it only desirable when used from diredc?

So maybe, the users should not even need to set the option a single time
and the behavior will simply depend on whether dired is invoked directly
or from diredc.

> Another way of saying 'more work that isn't really necessary at all'?

OK.  I'm not arguing either way, I was just raising the question because
my poor intuition got the impression that users might prefer not to set
any option at all and that the right behavior could be inferred
from context.


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