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bug#44320: [PATH] [27.1] Make sure send-string-to-terminal send all cont

From: LinSun
Subject: bug#44320: [PATH] [27.1] Make sure send-string-to-terminal send all contents
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 10:58:12 +0800

Hi Eli, Lars,


> This is very old code, so it is surprising this only comes up now.

>I'd rather we understood the issue completely before we decide how to

>fix it.


Sorry for delay responding, I’m offline last weekend.


And yes, it’s rare, but in my testing case it’s happened quite often.


I had attached all the testing files, the testing.el will read the six image and

send to terminal.



   (insert-file-contents "testing.six")



The strace log file “testing-strace.log” is attached for not fully write to

console in one call, in the log file, function `write` not write all string into

console. Please refer the attachment .


After apply the patch in my first mail, it will resolve the bug.


Best Regards

Lin Sun

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