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bug#997: perl mode blows "'" etc.

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: bug#997: perl mode blows "'" etc.
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 03:58:35 +0100
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title 997 Incorrect perl-mode syntax highlighting in some cases (e.g. using "'")
tags 997 confirmed
found 997 28.0.50

address@hidden writes:

> Perl mode screws up bad with this file. Cperl mode gets it better.
> $ perl -c p.pl
> p.pl syntax OK
> $ cat p.pl
> /this is a perl program to demonstrate emacs's wacky color biz/;
> /this line is in the wrong color until here'/; #///

I can reproduce this on current master (28.0.50).

Open a file like this using perl-mode under emacs -Q to see the
incorrect highlighting:

/correct 'incorrect/;
/incorrect' correct/;

The problem goes away if the file looks like this instead:

$foo =~ /foobar/;
/correct 'incorrect/;
/incorrect 'correct/;

> /\b.*\bpic(ture)?s\b/;
> /this line is in the wrong color/;
> #this comment turns back on emacs correct color: \b\b
> /this line is in the right color/;
> /but not this line until the end\/;/m;

I see some incorrect highlighting in this example too.  Adding the
"$foo =~ /foobar/;" line from above seems to fix it here too.

> $ emacs -Q p.pl
> Anyway, one usually ends up having to stick in special comments with
> some / ; ` ' etc. in them lest large tracts of code become the wrong
> color. emacs-version "22.2.1"

I tried inserting the problematic lines into a larger Perl file, but I
couldn't reproduce the issue.  I'm not sure if that means that the
incorrect coloring only happens when these lines are inserted at the
very beginning of a file.

Best regards,
Stefan Kangas

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