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bug#37189: 25.4.1: vc-hg-ignore implementation is missing

From: Wolfgang Scherer
Subject: bug#37189: 25.4.1: vc-hg-ignore implementation is missing
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 03:22:02 +0100
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Am 25.02.20 um 00:07 schrieb Dmitry Gutov:
> On 23.02.2020 2:29, Wolfgang Scherer wrote:
>>>> What will be the time frame for starting Emacs 28 topics?
>>> Since the discussion of vc-ignore in Emacs 27 seems finished, we can go on 
>>> ahead with that right now.
>> Good.
> Okay then. Would you like to update the patch for vc-hg-ignore that this bug 
> report started from? I think it can be simplified a little, and otherwise it 
> looks good to me (for Emacs 28, at least).
> Or do you want to go straight for the API redesign?
I would like to discuss overall strategy first.  Since I have a fully
working implementation for all supported backends at
https://github.com/wolfmanx/vc-ign that does not interfere with the
current vc commands, it would be helpful, if you could load it and
evaluate the use cases 'z i' and 'z p' in 'vc-dir-mode', 'C-x v z i'
and 'C-x v z p' in 'dired-mode' and in a file buffer, just to see if
we can agree on a direction before discussing details.

I think a good point to start is the elimination of all
backend-specific 'vc-ignore' implementations ('vc-cvs-ignore',
'vc-svn-ignore').  That is one goal which is easily achievable.  The
benefit is a uniform implementation across all backends with
'vc-default-ignore' as the central implementation of algorithms,
without duplication of code in backends.

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