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bug#39413: 26.2; Emacs gets hung

From: chiaki-ishikawa-thunderbird-account
Subject: bug#39413: 26.2; Emacs gets hung
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 02:53:06 +0900
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Thank you. I will taken note of "finish" and see if I can observe the return from alloc.c code
if I get to see the next obvious hung.


On 2020/02/22 2:27, Noam Postavsky wrote:
tags 39413 + unreproducible

chiaki-ishikawa-thunderbird-account <address@hidden> writes:

I printed stack backtrace and Emacs seemed to be in memory allocator.
Then I let it continue.
Still the emacs screen was locked up.
So I interrupted the execution, and printed stack backtrace.
Again Emacs was in memory allocator.
Eventually I gave up and killed emacs.

It seems that garbage collection or
routine in alloc.c was looping.
That's not enough evidence to show that the garbage collection was
looping.  There could be some higher level loop that does a lot of
allocation, so that if you stop at some random point you would have a
high probability of stopping in the alloc.c.  If you catch this in gdb
again, try running the 'finish' a few times to see if it can leave the
alloc.c code.

This is not a repeatable bug. I have no idea how to reproduce this. It
occurs every now and then.

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