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bug#39682: 26.3; Help window for list-packages disabled

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: bug#39682: 26.3; Help window for list-packages disabled
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 09:20:50 -0900
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On 2/20/20 6:27 PM, Drew Adams wrote:
I can reproduce it with

emacs-25.3 -Q --batch -l package -f batch-byte-compile help-fns+.el
emacs-26.3 -Q -l package -l help-fns+.elc -f list-packages -f package-menu-
Good.  Then it's just what we thought.  Thx.

I guess from my perspective this is not so much a bug as a strategic omission on my part.

Since yesterday, I've found a number of discussions of remedial byte-compiling of packages following upgrades of emacs. The onus is kind of on the user.


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