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bug#38382: 26.3; Message body not displayed after editing in rmail-mode

From: Edward J. Sabol
Subject: bug#38382: 26.3; Message body not displayed after editing in rmail-mode
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 17:40:09 -0500 (EST)

>> 1. Send yourself a text/plain email that has no body and no MIME attachments.
>> 2. In Rmail, retrieve the email, adding it to your Rmail file.
>> 3. Hit "e" to edit the message that has no body.
>> 4. Add a body to the message.
>> 5. Hit C-c C-c to finish editing. The body text you just added disappears!

Eli Zaretskii replied:
> I cannot reproduce this.  I see the added body after "C-c C-c" (with
> the current master branch of Emacs).
> How did you "add the body", precisely?  Please show the exact text you
> typed between 'e' and 'C-c C-c'.

(Sorry it has taken me a month to reply. December was hectic with all the

Well, maybe this is fixed in the current master branch of Emacs, but I can
reproduce it with Emacs 26.3 started with 'emacs -Q'.

After typing "e" in eithre the rmail-summary buffer or the rmail buffer, the
exact keypresses I type are:


This is a test.


C-c C-c

According to describe-key-briefly, M-> runs the command end-of-buffer when
editing a message in my rmail buffer. After hitting 'C-c C-c', boom goes the
dynamite, the text "This is a test." just disappears. If I kill the rmail
buffer and re-open it, I see "This is a test." So it's there. It's just not
visible after I finish editing. So I guess you could say it's cosmetic only,
but it's very confusing. Again, if the message already has a body, there is
no issue with editing it. I only see this problem with the message has no
body to start with and I add one. And "This is a test" can be any text


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