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bug#38807: [Feature request]: Support lisp workers like web workers.

From: HaiJun Zhang
Subject: bug#38807: [Feature request]: Support lisp workers like web workers.
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 17:33:18 +0800

在 2020年1月4日 +0800 PM4:59,Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>,写道:
How would that work? We don't have any such message queues in Emacs,
and no machinery to display them, nor for telling the user which job
reported the message.

Some APIs need to be added for communication use. The UI part of the email client known what happens and will tell the user. 

And again, some low-level Lisp functions issue messages when they like
that, out of the application's control. What do you do with those?

The lisp machine need to be modified for running workers. When running workers, It may save the messages to a log file.

I'm saying that fetching email doesn't need any Lisp, it can be done
in C. And if so, you don’t need Lisp-level threads at all. 

Many emacs hackers may prefer lisp to C. Writing lisp is faster than C. And compiling C is not an easy
 thing for many users.

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