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bug#36639: Add Georgian QWERTY input methods

From: Nicholas Drozd
Subject: bug#36639: Add Georgian QWERTY input methods
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2019 13:03:21 -0500

The existing Georgian input method is based on a transliteration
scheme, but that scheme doesn't match what is normally used on
Georgian keyboards. This patch adds an input method 'georgian-qwerty'
that allows for typing Georgian according to the more familiar layout
based on QWERTY keyboards. (That layout doesn't really make sense from
a linguistic perspective, but again, it is the familiar one.) Also
included is an input method 'georgian-nuskhuri'. It's just like
'georgian-qwerty' except that it uses the Nuskhuri script, which will
make it more convenient to transcribe medieval Georgian manuscripts.
This will obviously be a huge time-saver for many Emacs users.

Apart from these new input methods, there are also patches to correct
some minor mistakes. One is to add two missing characters to the
existing 'georgian' input method. Maybe the Unicode characters didn't
exist when the input method was created? The other is to change
ქართველი (Kartveli) to ქართული (Kartuli) in the HELLO file. The latter
is the appropriate adjective for the Georgian language (ქართული ენა).

I wasn't sure how to format the commit messages, so feel free to
adjust those as needed, or combine commits or whatever.

Are there any Georgians here who can test this out?

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