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bug#36268: url-mime-charset-string is excessively long

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#36268: url-mime-charset-string is excessively long
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2019 03:40:47 +0200
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Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> writes:

> The string generated by url-mime-charset-string is 1201 characters long.
> That is longer than what some web servers accept as the length of a
> request header (for the Accept-charset header sent by
> url-http-create-request).

My url-mime-charset-string is nil.  And this all seems really confused:

(defvar url-mime-charset-string nil
  "String to send in the Accept-charset: field in HTTP requests.
The MIME charset corresponding to the most preferred coding system is
given priority 1 and the rest are given priority 0.5.")

(defun url-set-mime-charset-string ()
  (setq url-mime-charset-string (url-mime-charset-string)))
;; Regenerate if the language environment changes.
(add-hook 'set-language-environment-hook 'url-set-mime-charset-string)

So...  if you change the language environment after you've loaded
url-vars.el, then you will suddenly have a value in

Let's try!

=> nil

=> "English"

(set-language-environment "English")
=> t

"utf-8;q=1, gb2312;q=0.5, iso-8859-1;q=0.5, big5;q=0.5, iso-2022-jp;q=0.5, 
shift_jis;q=0.5, euc-tw;q=0.5, euc-jp;q=0.5, euc-jis-2004;q=0.5, euc-kr;q=0.5, 
us-ascii;q=0.5, utf-7;q=0.5, hz-gb-2312;q=0.5, big5-hkscs;q=0.5, gbk;q=0.5, 
gb18030;q=0.5, iso-8859-5;q=0.5, koi8-r;q=0.5, koi8-u;q=0.5, cp866;q=0.5, 
koi8-t;q=0.5, windows-1251;q=0.5, cp855;q=0.5, iso-8859-2;q=0.5, 
iso-8859-3;q=0.5, iso-8859-4;q=0.5, iso-8859-9;q=0.5, iso-8859-10;q=0.5, 
iso-8859-13;q=0.5, iso-8859-14;q=0.5, iso-8859-15;q=0.5, windows-1250;q=0.5, 
windows-1252;q=0.5, windows-1254;q=0.5, windows-1257;q=0.5, cp775;q=0.5, 
cp850;q=0.5, cp852;q=0.5, cp857;q=0.5, cp858;q=0.5, cp860;q=0.5, cp861;q=0.5, 
cp863;q=0.5, cp865;q=0.5, cp437;q=0.5, macintosh;q=0.5, next;q=0.5, 
hp-roman8;q=0.5, adobe-standard-encoding;q=0.5, iso-8859-16;q=0.5, 
iso-8859-7;q=0.5, windows-1253;q=0.5, cp737;q=0.5, cp851;q=0.5, cp869;q=0.5, 
iso-8859-8;q=0.5, windows-1255;q=0.5, cp862;q=0.5, iso-2022-jp-2004;q=0.5, 
cp874;q=0.5, iso-8859-11;q=0.5, viscii;q=0.5, windows-1258;q=0.5, 
iso-8859-6;q=0.5, windows-1256;q=0.5, iso-2022-cn;q=0.5, iso-2022-cn-ext;q=0.5, 
iso-2022-jp-2;q=0.5, iso-2022-kr;q=0.5, utf-16le;q=0.5, utf-16be;q=0.5, 
utf-16;q=0.5, x-ctext;q=0.5"

That is...  a very strange interface.  And nobody will never, ever want
to have that as an URL header.

I'm removing the set-language-environment-hook thing.

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