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bug#36167: [PATCH v2] Replace manually crafted hex regexes with [[:xdigi

From: Konstantin Kharlamov
Subject: bug#36167: [PATCH v2] Replace manually crafted hex regexes with [[:xdigit:]]
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:34:32 +0300

Thanks, I pushed this.

The log message was mis-formatted, which required me to tediously fix
it by hand. Please in the future format the entries using "C-x 4 a"
or similar commands, to avoid that, okay? In particular, lines longer
than 78 characters abort "git am", so please verify this doesn't
happen in the patches you submit. "C-x 4 a" and friends format the
entries with leading TABs which you can later remove with "C-x TAB",
and that produces the optimal results, including when the log messages
are later used to generate ChangeLog files in the release tarballs.

Thank you! And sorry about that. I wanted to take a look this weekend for problems you mentioned, but haven't got time. Anyway, IIRC I have used "C-x 4 a" to create the commit message, but then I re-formatted it to look more similar to other commits I've seen. Probably I shouldn't have touched it…

About git-am: this is unfortunate, I think I haven't seen this problem because apparently "git" refuses to execute local hooks if one have set global hooks with "hooksPath" variable (which since recently I use to pre-format commit message based on modified paths, etc). I'll see what can be done with it.

P.S.: I replied on top level since for some reason my email client (Geary) refused to reply the last message directly.

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