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bug#35383: 27.0.50; Complete process of decoding Gnus group names

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: bug#35383: 27.0.50; Complete process of decoding Gnus group names
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2019 20:09:13 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/27.0.50 (gnu/linux)

On 06/23/19 13:27 PM, Deus Max wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 22 2019, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>>>> All right, I've pushed these fixes and a bunch of other ones to
>>>> scratch/gnus-decoded. If you're still interested in testing, you can
>>>> pull in that branch, then either run "make bootstrap" or delete all the
>>>> *elc files under lisp/gnus and run a regular "make", then try again.
>>>> Unfortunately this led to so many new tweaks and fixes that I'm going to
>>>> restart the clock on dogfooding and testing before it's ready to push.
>>>> Eric
>>> dogfooding ??
>> Ha -- "eating your own dogfood", ie I'll spend a week or two using this
>> branch as my daily driver, and see if anything explodes. I'm not sure
>> who started using that term, and why it has to be dog food, in particular.
> :-)  I like that. Funny !
> Pulled in and bootstrapped. Here's what I found:
> 1. From a Summary Buffer used "B m" to move articles to a new Greek
>    group. 
>    - The confirmation of this action disappears to the message
>      "nnimap read...". 
>      : No such group: nnimap+AIA:ΖωηΕνΤάφο.  Create it? (y or n) y
>      : Moving to nnimap+AIA:ΖωηΕνΤάφο: (27666)...
>      : nnimap read 0k from imap-mail.outlook.com (initial sync of 1
>      :   group; please wait)
> 2. The article count for the encoded group is +1 the actual number.
> 3. In the Group buffer typing "j" (gnus-group-jump-to-group), creates
>    the buffer with a "K" and is not usable.  ex:
>    :  K     *: Dias/CrappyΚώλος
>    From the *Messages* buffer (No unknown folder ??):
>    : Retrieving newsgroup: Dias/CrappyΚώλος...
>    : gnus-select-newsgroup: Couldn’t activate group Dias/CrappyΚώλος: 
>    :   NO unknown folder
> 4. Further, when trying to move articles to above group:
>    : No such group: Dias/CrappyΚώλος.  Create it? (y or n) n
>    : gnus-read-move-group-name: No such group: Dias/CrappyΚώλος

Sorry for my slow response, and thank you for the testing! This was very
thorough, and I will definitely be coming back to you for testing in the
future :)

So far as I know, all the behaviors you've noted here are bugs, but I've
also been able to reproduce the bugs in the Emacs 26 branch. Which
doesn't mean I won't fix them -- it would be a pleasure to fix bugs that
I didn't cause myself, for once -- but I might hold off on them until
this branch has landed. One thing at a time...

Thanks again!


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