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bug#36532: tramp-signal-hook-function: Text is read-only: "nil"

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#36532: tramp-signal-hook-function: Text is read-only: "nil"
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2019 11:20:43 +0200
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Fritz Stelzer <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Fritz,

> When I use `async-shell-command` on a remote host I get this error if
> there's already the
> *Async Shell Command* buffer. When there's a running process and I
> confirm to kill the process, it works. It seems to work correctly for
> `shell-command`.
> I didn't have any issues while trying this locally. I'm on d07dd64fd0.

I cannot reproduce it locally. Scenario:

- emacs -Q /ssh::

- M-& sleep 600

- M-& sleep 600

I get the message "A command is running in the default buffer.  Use a
new buffer? (yes or no) " If I enter "yes", it opens a second buffer
*Async Shell Command*<2>. If I enter "no", there is the error message
"tramp-error: Shell command in progress" in the *Messages* buffer, which
is likely OK.

The same happens if I run it on a local buffer, but in the "no" case the
error message is "shell-command: Shell command in progress".

Arguably, there shouldn't be an error but a user error, but I don't see
anything else. What's the difference in your use case?

If you still see something strange, could you run your scenario with
tramp-verbose set to 10, and send us the Tramp debug buffer?

Best regards, Michael.

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