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bug#24201: 25.1.50; TLS connections sometimes hang

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#24201: 25.1.50; TLS connections sometimes hang
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2019 15:04:54 +0200
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I've been poking more at this, and I think there really must be a bug
somewhere in accept-process-output.

With the following patch, connection never hangs:

diff --git a/lisp/net/network-stream.el b/lisp/net/network-stream.el
index 2b3292b71b..cdb33a59f1 100644
--- a/lisp/net/network-stream.el
+++ b/lisp/net/network-stream.el
@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@ network-stream-get-response
        (goto-char start)
        (while (and (memq (process-status stream) '(open run))
                    (not (re-search-forward end-of-command nil t)))
-         (accept-process-output stream 0.05)
+         (accept-process-output stream 0.05 nil t)
          (goto-char start))
        ;; Return the data we got back, or nil if the process died.
        (unless (= start (point))

It's the JUST-THIS-ONE parameter: If that's non-nil, then
accept-process-output returns after the timeout...  and we get the data.

Now, tracing the logic in wait_reading_process_output is rather...
difficult.  It's an 800 line function with lots of inputs from
everywhere.  But I think this code looks suspicious:

          if (NILP (wait_for_cell) && just_wait_proc >= 0
              && timespec_valid_p (timer_delay)
              && timespec_cmp (timer_delay, timeout) < 0)
              if (!timespec_valid_p (now))
                now = current_timespec ();
              struct timespec timeout_abs = timespec_add (now, timeout);
              if (!timespec_valid_p (got_output_end_time)
                  || timespec_cmp (timeout_abs, got_output_end_time) < 0)
                got_output_end_time = timeout_abs;
              timeout = timer_delay;
            got_output_end_time = invalid_timespec ();

This is done only if JUST-THIS-ONE is set.

But...  the timeout stuff is implemented in a very convoluted manner,
with reuse of certain variables that makes what this is trying to
achieve rather opaque. 

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