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bug#30905: Add tests for buffer-base-buffer function

From: Shanavas M
Subject: bug#30905: Add tests for buffer-base-buffer function
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 12:41:40 +0300
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On Sunday 25 March 2018 02:42 PM, Noam Postavsky wrote:

A couple of things.

Have assigned copyright for Emacs? (the change is small enough to
install regardless, but note that we only accept up to 15 lines worth of
unassigned code per person).
I have send the request. Waiting for reply.
You should add a ChangeLog style entry to the commit message, as
described in CONTRIBUTE.
+(ert-deftest test-buffer-base-buffer-indirect ()
+  (let* ((base (get-buffer-create "base")
You should rather use with-temp-buffer, so that the test will not
interfere with anything else (same for the second test).


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