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bug#30789: 26.0.91; xml-parse-region works but libxml-parse-html-region

From: 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
Subject: bug#30789: 26.0.91; xml-parse-region works but libxml-parse-html-region doesn't
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:29:50 +0800

Thank you for the patch but the real answer is to do what all other
browsers do... show as much as possible.

There is no browser out there that would dream of dying on the slightest

Anyway if you guys are really going to use XML::LibXML::Parser (?) then
maybe loosen up some of

           /parser, html, reader/

           recover from errors; possible values are 0, 1, and 2

           A true value turns on recovery mode which allows one to parse broken 
XML or HTML data. The recovery mode allows the parser to return the 
successfully parsed
           portion of the input document. This is useful for almost well-formed 
documents, where for example a closing tag is missing somewhere. Still, 
XML::LibXML will
           only parse until the first fatal (non-recoverable) error occurs, 
reporting recoverable parsing errors as warnings. To suppress even these 
warnings, use

           Note that validation is switched off automatically in recovery mode.

           /parser, reader/

           validate with the DTD; possible values are 0 and 1

       XML::LibXML throws exceptions during parsing, validation or XPath 
processing (and some other occasions). These errors can be caught by using eval 
blocks. The error
       is stored in address@hidden There are two implementations: the old one 
throws $@ which is just a message string, in the new one $@ is an object from 
the class
       XML::LibXML::Error; this class overrides the operator "" so that when 
printed, the object flattens to the usual error message.

       XML::LibXML throws errors as they occur. This is a very common 
misunderstanding in the use of XML::LibXML. If the eval is omitted, XML::LibXML 
will always halt your
       script by "croaking" (see Carp man page for details).

       Also note that an increasing number of functions throw errors if bad 
data is passed as arguments. If you cannot assure valid data passed to 
XML::LibXML you should
       eval these functions.

       Note: since version 1.59, get_last_error() is no longer available in 
XML::LibXML for thread-safety reasons.

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