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bug#30530: 26.0; Emacs manual: mention (1) user-reserved keys, (2) users

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#30530: 26.0; Emacs manual: mention (1) user-reserved keys, (2) users can bind any keys
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 13:00:37 -0800 (PST)

> > The Emacs doc makes clear that these keys are reserved for users.
> Being reserved means that users can bind them.

You keep repeating that, but it has never been in question.

> > Users do not need a library to instruct them to co-opt
> > the keys for its use.
> No, it's not a library that "instructs" them, it's a document that
> tells them they could bind these keys for their own convenience.

We can perhaps agree to disagree about that, as well as
perhaps about the likely result of users, particularly
newbies, following that Org-doc recommendation.

> > I'm surprised that you would endorse this.
> > There is no need for it, and it is not helpful.
> I think I'm entitled to my opinions

Of course you are.  No one said anything to the contrary.

> even if you consider them unhelpful (unhelpful to what,
> may I wonder?).

Please read what I wrote.  I did not say that your opinions
are unhelpful.

It is the practice that was the subject of bug #28263, and
that you seem to endorse, that I said users do not need and
is not helpful (for users, obviously).

The Org doc does not need to recommend that users bind
reserved user keys to Org commands, and doing so is (IMHO)
unhelpful to users.

Just one opinion, of course.

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