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bug#27801: 26.0.50; Dired: Use relative file names when DIR-OR-LIST is a

From: Tino Calancha
Subject: bug#27801: 26.0.50; Dired: Use relative file names when DIR-OR-LIST is a cons
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:16:40 +0900 (JST)
User-agent: Alpine 2.20 (DEB 67 2015-01-07)

On Sun, 23 Jul 2017, Drew Adams wrote:

;; Following form shows the full file name in the Dired buffer.
(let* ((dir source-directory)
       (file1 (expand-file-name "lisp/subr.el" dir))
       (file2 (expand-file-name "src/data.c" dir)))
  (dired (list dir file1 file2)))

;; Usually, Dired just shows the relative file name to
;; 'default-directory'.  That is more clear, specially for
;; long file names.

Sorry, but I've only read this bug report quickly - no time now.

If you are suggesting that when DIR-OR-LIST is a cons the
file names shown should be relative then I think I disagree

The typical use case for a cons DIR-OR-LIST is a list
of files from anywhere, in which case absolute file
names are appropriate.
I am OK with adding a new variable `foo' so that i can get
this behavior if i locally bind `foo' to a non-nil value.

This idea comes while i am trying to implement Bug#27631; to
have this feature working with 'ls-lisp' my implementation
do something like:

1) Collect all matches with `find-lisp' in a variable FILES.
   (This is just a first approach to the problem; for large
   number of matches would be better to not store the matches
   in a list).

2) [Suppose DIR is the default-directory i the Dired buffer]
   Then call:
(dired (list DIR FILES))

;; My implementation works as with GNU ls; the only difference is
;; that 2) shows full file names in the Dired buffer.  I rather
;; prefer is the output has same format regarless on if the user
;; use `ls-lisp' or not.

With the var `foo' mentioned above, we could change 2) with:

 (let ((foo t))
   (dired (list DIR FILES)))

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