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bug#27727: Bug

From: Rajat Pundir
Subject: bug#27727: Bug
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 00:03:20 +0530

Dear Sir,

There is a mistake in GNU Emacs Manual version 25.2, main pdf version(haven't checked other versions).

On page 339, article 27.12 "Moving over Subdirectories" in Chapter 27 Dired, the last line of article 27.12 states that both < and > starts up the same command (dired-prev-line), which is not true as I have checked bindings, and > should start dired-next-dirline. I am attaching screenshot of my kindle and emacs, which highlights the bug.

Yours respectfully,
Rajat Pundir, 
Supporter of FSF.

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