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bug#27585: segfault when evaluating a file containing only backticks

From: Steve Kemp
Subject: bug#27585: segfault when evaluating a file containing only backticks
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 03:46:35 +0000

> >  I expect evaluating lisp to not kill the editor
> Valid Lisp, I agree.  But yours isn't.

  Here we disagree.

  I enjoy reporting bugs when invalid things are tried, because I
 expect software to be robust, or as much as possible.  If you feed
 invalid script to gawk, perl, emacs, etc, etc, I expect an error
 not a segfault.

  I appreciate there are often difficult cases, such as infinite
 recursion, division by zero, and memory exhaustion, but the idea
 that ones programming environment is free to crash if your code
 is wrong is .. unpleasant.

> >   In the real world?  Nobody.
> Then why are we discussing this use case?  Let's talk about
> more practical and interesting cases.

  I read from this that I should not bother running any more
 fuzzing, after all if it does result in any crashes they're a result
 of bogus-coding that would never be hit in the real world.

  That's unfortunate, but I've no particular wish to argue
 in public.    I will follow your suggestion.

  Bug left open because it crashes for me, if it fails to crash
 for others with a somewhat reasonable error message I guess
 that is good.


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