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bug#27312: 25.2; can't activate fcitx even though env is set up correctl

From: Leonard Lausen
Subject: bug#27312: 25.2; can't activate fcitx even though env is set up correctly
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:47:47 +0900
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>> Ok, I see that according to Bug#10867, it should work with your setup.
>> Have you ever got it working with older Emacs versions?
>> I guess you've also verified that 'locale -a' shows 'zh_CN.UTF-8'? 
>> I'm
>> afraid I don't know how to troubleshoot this any further.

'locale -a' shows zh_CN.utf8. However, starting emacs
"LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.utf8 emacs -Q" does not make any difference and as far
as I understand zh_CN.utf8 and h_CN.UTF-8 should be equivalent (?).

This was working on another system (based on Ubuntu) with version
24.5.1. Currently I'm on Gentoo and was not able to get it working with
both emacs 25 and emacs 24. (I attach the USE flags at the end of this

>>> Note that if I press the Ctrl-Space key (which should change the
>> fcitx
>>> input method) "emacs -Q" reports "Mark set" and "Mark deactivated",
>>> while for "emacs -Q -nw" the input method is changed correctly (i.e.
>> I
>>> can input Chinese characters thereafter).
>> Yeah, I guess for 'emacs -nw' it's really the terminal program that
>> handles the input method, Emacs doesn't know anything about it.

Yes, that would make sense.

> etc/PROBLEMS mentions an issue with fcitx; could this be the same or similar
> issue?

The issue in etc/PROBLEMS seems to be the inverse of the problem that I
am experiencing. In etc/PROBLEMS, the problem is that C-SPC is captured
by fcitx and emacs does not receive the C-SPC command. However for me, I
want C-SPC to be intercepted by fcitx to change the layout instead of
emacs handling the key. Currently in all other programs C-SPC correctly
switches the layout (i.e. is intercepted by fcitx), however in "emacs
-Q" the key is intercepted by emacs.

The current behavior of emacs is essentially the same as what #10867
describes to happen if LC_CTYPE  is not "zh_CN.UTF-8", though in my case
LC_CTYPE seems to be set correctly. So it seems there is some other
bug(/error in my configuration) that prevents emacs from supporting X
input method (?).

USE flags:
✗ equery uses emacs
[ Legend : U - final flag setting for installation]
[        : I - package is installed with flag     ]
[ Colors : set, unset                             ]
 * Found these USE flags for app-editors/emacs-25.2:
 U I
 + + X                   : Add support for X11
 - - Xaw3d               : Add support for the 3d athena widget set
 + + acl                 : Add support for Access Control Lists
 + + alsa                : Add support for media-libs/alsa-lib (Advanced
Linux Sound Architecture)
 - - athena              : Enable the MIT Athena widget set
 + + dbus                : Enable dbus support for anything that needs
it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)
 + + dynamic-loading     : Enable loading of dynamic libraries at runtime
 - - games               : Support shared score files for games
 + + gconf               : Use gnome-base/gconf to read the system font name
 - - gfile               : Use gfile (dev-libs/glib) for file notification
 + + gif                 : Add GIF image support
 + + gpm                 : Add support for sys-libs/gpm (Console-based
mouse driver)
 + + gsettings           : Use gsettings (dev-libs/glib) to read the
system font name
 + + gtk                 : Add support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
 + + gtk3                : Prefer version 3 of the GIMP Toolkit to
version 2 (x11-libs/gtk+)
 - - gzip-el             : Compress bundled Emacs Lisp source
 - - hesiod              : Enable support for net-dns/hesiod
 + + imagemagick         : Use media-gfx/imagemagick for image processing
 + + inotify             : Enable inotify filesystem monitoring support
 + + jpeg                : Add JPEG image support
 - - kerberos            : Add kerberos support
 + + libxml2             : Use dev-libs/libxml2 to parse XML instead of
the internal Lisp implementations
 - - livecd              : !!internal use only!! DO NOT SET THIS FLAG
YOURSELF!, used during livecd building
 + + m17n-lib            : Enable m17n-lib support
 - - motif               : Add support for the Motif toolkit
 - - pax_kernel          : Enable building under a PaX enabled kernel
 + + png                 : Add support for libpng (PNG images)
 + + sound               : Enable sound support
 + + source              : Install C source files and make them
available for find-function
 + + ssl                 : Add support for Secure Socket Layer connections
 + + svg                 : Add support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
 + + tiff                : Add support for the TIFF image format
 - - toolkit-scroll-bars : Use the selected toolkit's scrollbars in
preference to Emacs' own scrollbars
 - - wide-int            : Prefer wide Emacs integers (typically
62-bit). This option has an effect only on architectures where "long"
and "long long" types have different size.
 + + xft                 : Build with support for XFT font renderer
 + + xpm                 : Add support for XPM graphics format
 + + zlib                : Add support for zlib (de)compression

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