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bug#26126: 26.0.50; file-notify-rm-watch removes arbitrary watches

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#26126: 26.0.50; file-notify-rm-watch removes arbitrary watches
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:49:29 +0100
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Andreas Politz <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Andreas,

>> A similar approach like fswatch is the already integrated gfilenotify
>> library. Honestly, this is the most problematic backend.
> In terms of "unintegratedness", i.e. does behave differently depending
> on the back-end used ? (I know from the tests that it may use polling
> every 5 secs.)

Yes, this was also a problem. Sometimes, the promised polling on mounted
filesystems didn't work reliably.

There were also bugs which have restricted use of gfilenotify.

And there are also reservations by people, who do not want to use glib /
gio infrastructure.

Due to the existence of inotify and kqueue monitors in Emacs, the only
major use of gfilenotify seems to be in Cygwin.

> -ap

Best regards, Michael.

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