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bug#25860: 25.1; Double macro execution

From: Marek Twardochlib
Subject: bug#25860: 25.1; Double macro execution
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 16:26:59 +0100


thanks you for a very quickly response!

2017-02-24 15:10 GMT+01:00, Andreas Schwab <address@hidden>:
> On Feb 24 2017, Marek Twardochlib <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Then I define another macro that simply call the previous macro
>> insert-a.
> How did you do that?

C-x ( M-x insert-a RET C-x )

The first macro, insert-a, was defined with:
C-x ( a RET C-x )
and then named with:
C-x C-k n insert-a RET

The wrong behavior (double execution) will happen as well when I bind
macro defintion to a key and later use this key sequence in the second

This macro mistake occur only in Emacs version 25.1.1. In 24.1 and
earlier everything works properly.

Kind regards
Marek Twardochlib

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